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    frequently asked questions

    Do you offer one-time or regular transport for organizations?

    We will happily provide both. Whether you need to go on a field trip or start a regular school shuttle. We will be your reliable partner.

    Where can we go with Panda?

    Do not hesitate to come up with any ideas for a trip. We are happy to organize any trip in the Czech Republic or abroad.

    How many people can fit into one vehicle?

    There are several car models in our fleet. Usually, we work with vehicles for 9 people. That’s 8 seats for you, passengers.

    Will we need our own car seats?

    VšecAll of our vehicles are equipped with car seats for children of all ages and sizes. Before your transfer, please provide the children’s age or weight.

    What if we need to transport a bigger group?

    We will simply provide more vehicles.

    Isn’t it better to order a bus for a bigger group?

    We always adjust the price of bigger groups, so they are comparable to the bus prices. Even in this case we have as many car seats as required

    What is the price for a group transfer?

    The price is calculated individually due to many factors. Our average price of a group transport is 650 CZK + tax.

    How does the payment work?

    After the ride, we will send an invoice to your company.

    What can we do if we would like to cooperate with Panda Ride?

    Please, do not hesitate to send us a message or feel free to call us. We are always happy to build new partnerships and make new friends.

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