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Why organizations use PANDA ride

We offer companies, sports clubs and schools a comprehensive and individual solution for their transportation needs throughout the Czech republic.

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More than 23 organizations trust us

  • Hotels and services

    Give your guests, clients and families something more in the form of above-standard and safe transport for them and their children. Whether they want to do some sightseeing in Prague or are heading to a restaurant or waterpark, we’ll provide them with reliable transport on the spot, tailored to their needs and to the size of their family.

  • Schools and preschools

    We clearly understand school and parental needs. That’s why we use only the safest vehicles and features to provide the most comfortable and calming environments for children of any age.

  • Sports clubs and after-school activities

    Transportation for game day, trainings or camp – always quick and reliable, so your head can stay in the game, while you get to and from events.

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