• COVID-19 – increased hygiene measures

    According to the COVID-19 situation, we decided to follow these hygienic measures: our drivers wear masks and disinfect their hands regularly, our PANDA buses are disinfected with polymer disinfection regularly (we have a certificate), all company meetings are held online, we have some masks for forgetful customers on stock, our drivers don’t come in contact between themselves.

  • About our disinfection

    Polymer disinfection was invented for application in all parts of public administration (hospitals, airports, offices, sport & cultural areas, public transport, etc..)

    It contains Polyhexamethylenguanidin which is a cation polymer. Thanks to its unique qualities it has strong biocide effect against virus, germs and fungus. It doesn’t affect safety of people, animals and plants and it doesn’t irritate any of mucosas too. It’s a newly invented preparation tool. It has no aroma and colour. At the same time, it’s not flammable and explosive.

  • Advantages

    The safety of this disinfection tool lays in its frugality to our environment. It’s safe for people, animals and plants and it doesn’t harm any materials. This disinfection is not corrosive and flammable and it doesn’t contain alcohol, aldehydes or phenols.

    • Two in one – disinfection & fresh air
    • Universal application
    • Long-lasting safety
    • Easy & Quick application
    • Fast effect
  • Other users of polymer disinfection

    This kind of disinfection is used by many companies such as IKEM, PEPSI COLA, Airport Prague, Music Theatre Karlín, ZOO Prague or HILTON Hotel. We are glad that we can belong to these responsible companies. Safety first!