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General conditions

These General Terms and Conditions govern the conditions for concluding contracts on transportation of persons and their luggage for a One-time trip as well as the subsequent implementation of the transportation persons and their luggage as part of a one-way trip by the Carrier. These terms and conditions are part of the contract of carriage concluded for the One-time Ride between the Carrier and the Customer.

Carrier means the company Panda Ride s.r.o., ID number: 06450547, seat:

Rooseveltova 597/27, Bubeneč, 160 00 Prague 6. and its employees or persons entrusted with carrying out the transport.

Information system means an electronic information system operated By the carrier in the form of an online website at

A one-time trip means a one-time transport of people or luggage By the carrier based on the Customer’s request.

Regular transportation means the transportation of people or luggage By the carrier on the basis of the Customer’s request, when the Contract of Carriage is concluded for repeated performance or several different performances by the Carrier for Customer.

A contract of carriage means a contract of carriage of persons or a contract of luggage transportation according to the provisions of Act. No. 89/2012 Coll., Civil Code, v wording of later regulations.

Driver means the driver of the Vehicle.

GTC means these general terms and conditions of the Carrier for a Single Trip.

Vehicle means a vehicle operated by the Carrier or an authorized contractual partner Carrier.

Customer means any person who concludes a Contract of Carriage with the Carrier or uses the Carrier’s services as part of the transport of passengers or luggage, including of children (for whom a parent or other legal representative or authorized representative concludes the Contract of Carriage person).

Prohibited baggage means baggage that is excluded from carriage. These are explosives, weapons and cartridges, gases and chemical substances, flammables, radioactive material, poisons, narcotic and psychotropic substances, luggage over 50 kg/pc.

Baggage means luggage transported together with a passenger in Vehicles.


Conclusion of the Contract of Carriage

  1. The contract for transportation for a single trip is concluded through the Information of the Carrier system at The customer chooses the One-time ride option.
  1. Conclusion of the contract of carriage and its implementation in the One-time trip mode

Based on your choice for a One-time Customer ride in the Information System Carrier at fill in the relevant required information in the form. By filling out the above form the Carrier, the Customer agrees to these GTC, which with the existing part of the Contract of Carriage (in the event of its conclusion) and with processing of personal data (GDPR).

After filling in the required data, the Carrier subsequently sends the Customer an acceptance and price offer or rejection. If the Customer accepts the price offer, he still has to wait for subsequent acceptance by the Carrier (because the carrier must plan the trip and determine the driver, taking into account its capacity and workload). Only after subsequent acceptance by the Carrier is the Transport Agreement concluded (and these GTC are part of it) and an advance invoice for the agreed amount is sent to the Customer (after payment, the Customer will receive a tax document – invoice). If the Customer does not accept the price offer, the Transport Contract is not concluded. However, the parties may continue to negotiate the conclusion of the Contract of Carriage.

The Customer will agree with the Carrier the place, date and time of the beginning of the transport (i.e. the place and time where the Carrier will bring the vehicle with the driver in order to start the transport) and the destination of the transport.

Reimbursements for missed Single trip:

In the event that the Customer reserves a date with the Carrier and does not carry out the agreed transportation, then he shall pay the Carrier 100% compensation of the agreed price for the agreed transportation.

In the event that the Customer reserves a date with the Carrier and cancels the agreed transport at least 12 hours before the start of the transport or more than 12 hours before the start of the transport, then he shall pay the Carrier a 50% compensation of the agreed price for the agreed transport.

If the Customer reserves a date with the Carrier and cancels the agreed transport less than 12 hours before the start of the transport, then he will pay the Carrier 100% compensation of the agreed price for the agreed transport.

  1. The actual act of the Customer using the Carrier’s services is also considered to be the acceptance of the offer of the draft Contract of Carriage by the Customer.
  2. The carriage contract can also be concluded via e-mail correspondence, sms, www forms, telephone call, personal call, mobile applications (e.g. WhatsApp). The costs of communication are borne by each party.
  3. By concluding a transport contract, a legal obligation arises between the Customer and the

Carrier a relationship that is also governed by these GTC and whose content is mainly the Carrier’s obligation to transport of the Customer (or his luggage) from the point of embarkation to the destination properly and the Customer’s obligation comply with the GTC and pay the agreed price for the transport.


Realization of transportation, rights and obligations, termination of transportation 

  1. Both the Customer and the Carrier undertake to carry out the transport in accordance with the Transport Contract concluded by them.
  1. The Customer acknowledges that the Carrier waits at the agreed place of the beginning of the transport at the agreed time for only 10 minutes, while after the futile lapse of 10 minutes of waiting, the Carrier’s vehicle can leave the agreed place, with the understanding that under these circumstances (i.e. when the Carrier after the 10 minutes from the agreed place because the Customer did not arrive at the agreed place on time) The Customer withdraws from the agreed Carriage Agreement because he is no longer interested in carrying out the agreed transport and at the same time undertakes to pay the agreed termination fee to the Carrier in the amount of 100% of the agreed price for the transport (the transport did not take place due to non-cooperation of the Customer).
  1. During the transportation, the Customer undertakes to follow the instructions of the Carrier and the Driver.
  1. The driver can verify the nature and contents of the transported luggage in the presence of the Customer.
  1. The Customer agrees that the Carrier may take a photograph of the Customer during the carriage, as well as immediately before and after its commencement, and use this photograph for the Carrier’s marketing and advertising purposes. The customer agrees to do the above free of charge and will not demand any remuneration for it. 
  1. The Customer acknowledges that the transportation is completed when the Customer exits the Vehicle after reaching the agreed destination. All other activities of the Carrier (e.g. accompanying or handing over the child) are beyond the scope of the agreed Transport Agreement and the Carrier is not responsible for the aforementioned.
  1. Any changes to the transport agreed by both parties during the transport (e.g. destination), the Customer is obliged to the Carrier, or Drivers pay.
  1. Duties of the Driver during transportation:
  2. a) treat the Customer politely and respectfully,
  3. b) ensure order, cleanliness and peace in the Vehicle,
  4. c) ensure safe, comfortable and peaceful transportation of the Customer and his Luggage,
  5. d) carry out the transport along the most suitable route, taking into account the current traffic situation, the transport along another route can only be carried out with the consent of the Customer.
  1. Obligations of the Customer during transportation:
  2. a) heed the instructions of the Driver and Carrier regarding transportation,
  3. b) comply with Act No. 361/2000 Coll., on road traffic, as amended,
  4. c) properly use the Vehicle’s seat belts during the entire period of transport, from boarding to exiting (regardless of whether the Vehicle is in motion or not),
  5. d) not to interfere in any way with the driving and operation of the Vehicle,
  6. e) do not get on or off if the Vehicle is in motion,
  7. f) do not smoke (even an electronic cigarette), do not eat or drink,
  8. g) not to be under the influence of alcohol, narcotic or psychotropic substances, not to use alcohol, narcotic or psychotropic substances,
  9. h) sit in the place designated by the Driver, do not stand, kneel or lie down,
  10. i) do not place luggage on the seats,
  11. j) not to lean out of windows,
  12. k) do not throw objects from the Vehicle and do not let objects protrude from the window,
  13. l) behave politely and respectfully, do not behave especially noisy, loud, do not play music (even reproduced),
  14. m) not to damage or pollute the Vehicle or other Customers.
  1. Children and young people under 18 can only be transported with the consent of the legal representative. Children whose body weight does not exceed 36 kg and body height does not exceed 150 cm are transported only in a child car seat, with the fact that the Customer is obliged to notify the Carrier of the request for the transportation of these children well in advance, at least before concluding the Contract of Carriage (within negotiating transport conditions).

If the Child’s legal representative concludes the Contract of Carriage as a Customer, then it applies that he agrees that the Carrier, under the terms of the Contract of Carriage and these General Terms and Conditions, will also transport his children, who will be listed and mentioned as part of the negotiation of the Contract of Carriage with the Carrier.

  1. The Carrier and its Driver are entitled to withdraw from the Contract of carriage with the Customer in the following cases:
  2. a) The Customer repeatedly does not follow the instructions of the Carrier or the Driver (especially regarding safety such as e.g. wearing seat belts),
  3. b) The Customer violates any of the Customer’s obligations according to point 10 of this article,
  4. c) The customer intends to transport animals or has luggage that is unsuitable or too large for transport by Vehicle,
  5. d) The customer wants to transport or is transporting Prohibited Baggage,
  6. e) The customer is not medically fit to safely use the Vehicle for transportation (e.g. he shows symptoms of an infectious disease, etc.).

Withdrawal from the contract in the above-mentioned cases takes place verbally and on the spot, or The Carrier can also do it by phone (phone call, SMS, or using a phone application).


The price for transportation and its payment

  1. The customer is obliged to pay for the transport the price agreed in the Transport Contract.
  1. The price for transportation will be paid by the Customer to the Carrier by cashless transfer to the account based on the advance or settlement invoice issued by the Carrier. If the parties have not agreed otherwise, the payment for the transport price is due 7 days after the invoice is issued.


Other arrangements

  1. The Customer does not have the right to the Carrier in connection with the transport compensation for damage if it was not transported on time for a reason that was not the fault of the Driver (e.g. traffic accident, detour, inappropriate instructions from the Customer regarding direction or driving routes, impassable roads, adverse weather conditions, etc. unforeseeable events or elimination of their consequences) or malfunction navigation for reasons beyond the control of the Carrier or the Driver (signal outages etc.).
  1. All legal relationships arising on the basis of transportation between the Customer and The carrier is governed by Czech law. 


Final Provisions

  1. Legal relationships not regulated by these GTC or the Contract of Carriage are governed valid legal regulations of the Czech Republic. 
  1. These GTC are valid and effective from 1 August 2021.


PANDA ride s.r.o.

Tomáš Janout – managing director