About us

Did you know that up to 30% of vehicles during the morning rush hour are parents transporting their children to school? At Panda Ride, our goal is to simplify the daily lives of busy parents and the traffic situation in the city.
We specialize in scheduled transportation of children focusing heavily on their safety. We firmly believe that being a parent doesn’t mean being a personal driver.

Tomáš Janut

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Václava Kolejáková

Chief Operating


Our story

Our journey began unexpectedly, with a simple request from a friend in 2017. When he asked me for a helping hand in transporting his children to school. I would never have imagined that this small act of kindness would lead us to build Panda Ride. 
From the very first moment, the problems faced by busy parents began to shows. Those who, using their own vehicle and limited time capacity, try to get their children safely and on time to and from school or to different after-school activities and clubs. Parents daily juggle their work and home responsibilities with their kids school logistic routine. The coordination of these responsibilities can be hard and stressful.

And so, the idea of professional, safe transportation for children was born. We began to develop a service that not only ensures the safety of children during transit but also offers support to parents.

Our goal is to prioritize children’s safety during rides and offer friendly support to parents. We focus on being personal, understanding the needs of both parents and kids, and ensuring reliable service. Unlike anonymous taxi options, we provide a long-term partnership with a familiar and trusted driver.

From starting with just one driver and one family, Panda Ride has expanded to over fifteen vehicles, helping more than a hundred kids. Our drivers become like extended family, witnessing the children’s growth.

For parents, our service means saved hours that can be used for work, quality time with their children, or self-care. Join us on this journey of safe and stress-free kids’ transportation at Panda Ride.

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Panda Ride specializes in providing a reliable and convenient solution for busy parents who need assistance with transporting their children. Join us as our client and ensure worry-free transportation for your kids.


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