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General provisions

These General Terms and Conditions govern the transport of persons and their luggage for Regular transport as well as subsequent transport persons and their baggage as part of the Carrier’s Regular Transport. These Terms and Conditions are part of the Contract of Carriage for Regular Transport concluded between the Carrier and the Customer.

Carrier means spol. Panda Ride s.r.o., Company ID: 06450547, registered office:
Rooseveltova 597/27, Bubeneč, 160 00 Prague 6. and its employees
responsible for carrying out the transport.

Information system means an electronic information system operated by Carrier in the form of an online website at

Single trip means one-time transport of persons or luggage Carrier based on the Customer’s request.

Regular transport means the transport of persons or luggage Carrier upon the Customer’s request, when the Contract of Carriage is concluded for repeated performance or several different performance by the Carrier for A customer.

Contract of carriage means a contract for the carriage of passengers or a transport of luggage according to the provisions of Act No. 89/2012 Coll., the Civil Code, in texts of subsequent regulations.

Driver means the driver of the Vehicle.

GTC means these General Terms and Conditions of the Carrier for Regular Transport.

Vehicle means a vehicle operated by the Carrier or an authorised contractor The carrier.

Customer means any person who enters into a Contract of Carriage with the Carrier or uses the services of the Carrier in the transport of passengers or baggage, including children (for whom a parent or other legal guardian or authorized person).

Prohibited baggage means baggage that is excluded from carriage. These are explosives, weapons and ammunition, gases and chemicals, combustibles, radioactive material, poisons, narcotics and psychotropic substances, luggage over 50 kg/pc.

Baggage means baggage carried together with a passenger in the Vehicle.


Conclusion of the Contract of Carriage

  1. Contract of carriage for Regular transport is concluded through the Information the Carrier system at  The customer chooses the Regular ride option.
  1. Conclusion of the Contract of Carriage and its implementation in the Regular Transport mode

Based on their choice for Regular Transport Customer in the Information System The carrier at completes the relevant required information in the form or sends it by e-mail. After filling in the required data, the Customer agrees a price with the Carrier and any other transport requirements.

Subsequently, an instruction to register is sent by the Carrier to the Customer. Registration of the Customer in the Carrier Information System is required for the conclusion of the Contract of Carriage in the Regular Transport mode. By registering in the Carrier Information System, a Contract of Carriage is concluded.

By registering with the Carrier, the Customer agrees to these GTC, which become part of Transport Contracts and further agrees to the processing of personal data (GDPR) of its and their children registered in the Information System by the carrier. Customer agrees that all photos of persons uploaded in the Carrier’s Information System (which are assumed execution of transport by the Carrier) the Carrier may process, make available to the Driver to the transporter and keep them in its database.

If the Contract of Carriage is concluded in the Regular Carriage mode, then each month of the duration of the Contract of Carriage a monthly settlement is made based on the actual carriage carried out or the agreed flat rate for carriage is invoiced (all in excess of the agreed flat rate is paid by the Customer to the carrier).

Carriage at times booked by the Customer within the Carrier Information System or by e-mail must be paid by the Customer to the Carrier in the full amount corresponding to 100% of the agreed price for carriage as an agreed severance payment, regardless of whether the transport was actually performed by the Customer or not, as the Carrier takes all steps towards carrying out the transport from the moment of booking.

  1. The Customer’s acceptance of the offer of a draft Contract of Carriage shall also be deemed to be the actual conduct of the Customer using the Carrier’s services.
  2. The contract of carriage can also be concluded via e-mail correspondence, SMS, www forms, telephone call, personal call, mobile applications (e.g. WhatsApp). The costs of communication shall be borne by each party.
  3. By concluding the contract of carriage, the Customer and the Carrier become legally bound

relationship, which is also governed by these GTC and whose content is in particular the obligation of the Carrier to transport the Customer (or their luggage) from the point of boarding to the destination properly and the commitment of the Customer comply with the GTC and pay the agreed price for transport.


Implementation of transport, rights and obligations, termination of transport

  1. The Customer and the Carrier undertake to carry out the carriage according to the Contract of Carriage concluded by them.
  1. The Customer acknowledges that the Carrier waits at the agreed place of commencement of carriage at the agreed time only for a period of 10 minutes, and after a futile lapse of 10 minutes the Carrier’s vehicle may leave the agreed place, provided that under these circumstances (i.e. if the Carrier leaves the agreed place after 10 minutes because the Customer did not arrive at the agreed place in time) the Customer withdraws from the agreed Contract of Carriage as it is no longer interested in carrying out the agreed carriage and undertakes to pay the Carrier a severance payment equal to 100% of the agreed price for carriage (the carriage did not take place due to the Customer’s incooperation).
  1. The Customer undertakes to follow the instructions of the Carrier and Driver during the transport.
  1. The driver may, in the presence of the Customer, ascertain the nature and contents of the baggage carried.
  1. The Customer agrees that the Carrier may take a photograph of the Customer and use that photograph for the Carrier’s marketing and advertising purposes during the period of carriage, as well as immediately before and after the commencement of carriage. The customer agrees to perform the above mentioned free of charge and will not claim any remuneration for it.
  1. The Customer acknowledges that the transport is completed by the Customer leaving the Vehicle after reaching the agreed destination. All other activities of the Carrier (e.g. accompanying or handing over the child) are beyond the agreed Contract of Carriage and the Carrier is not responsible for these.
  1. All transport changes agreed by both parties during transport (e.g. destination) shall be paid by the Customer to the Carrier or Driver.
  1. Duties of the Driver during transport:
  2. a) treat the Customer with fairness and consideration,
  3. b) ensure order, cleanliness and peace in the Vehicle,
  4. c) ensure safe, comfortable and peaceful transport of the Customer and his Baggage,
  5. d) carry out transport on the most suitable route, taking into account the current traffic situation; transport on another route may only be carried out with the consent of the Customer.
  1. Obligations of the Customer during transport:
  2. a) heed the instructions of the Driver and the Carrier regarding transport,
  3. b) comply with Act No. 361/2000 Coll., on Road Traffic, as amended,
  4. c) wear the seatbelts of the Vehicle properly throughout the transport, from entry to exit (whether the Vehicle is in motion or not),
  5. d) not interfere in any way with the control and operation of the Vehicle,
  6. e) not to board or disembark while the Vehicle is in motion,
  7. f) not to smoke (even an electronic cigarette), not to eat or drink,
  8. g) not to be under the influence of alcohol, narcotic or psychotropic substances, not to use alcohol, narcotic or psychotropic substances,
  9. h) sit in a position defined by the Driver, do not stand, kneel or lie down,

(i) not to place luggage on the seats,

  1. j) not to lean out of windows,
  2. k) do not throw objects out of the Vehicle and do not let objects protrude out of the window,
  3. l) behave decently and considerately, do not behave in particular noisily, loudly, do not play music (even recorded),
  4. m) not to damage or pollute the Vehicle or other Customers.
  1. Children and minors under 18 years of age, can only be transported with the consent of a legal guardian. Children whose body weight does not exceed 36 kg and body height does not exceed 150 cm are transported only in a child car seat, provided that the Customer is obliged to notify the Carrier of the requirement to transport these children well in advance, at least before the conclusion of the Contract of Carriage (as part of the negotiation of the conditions of carriage).

If the Contract of Carriage is concluded as a Customer by the legal guardian of the child, then it is valid that the Carrier agrees that under the terms of the Contract of Carriage and these GTC the Carrier shall also transport his children, whom he mentions and mentions during the negotiation of the Contract of Carriage with the Carrier.

  1. The Carrier and its Driver are entitled to withdraw from the Contract of Carriage with the Customer in the following cases:
  2. a) The Customer repeatedly fails to follow the instructions of the Carrier or Driver (especially regarding safety such as seat belt fastening),
  3. b) the Customer breaches any of the obligations of the Customer under clause 10 of this article,
  4. c) The Customer intends to transport animals or has luggage that is unsuitable or too large for transport by Vehicle,
  5. d) the Customer wishes to carry or transport the Prohibited Baggage,
  6. e) The Customer is not medically fit to use the Vehicle safely for transport (e.g. shows symptoms of infectious disease, etc.).

Withdrawal from the contract in the above cases takes place verbally and on the spot, or the Carrier can also make it via telephone (phone call, text message, or using a telephone application).


Price for transport and its payment

  1. The Customer is obliged to pay the price agreed in the Transport Contract for carriage.
  1. The price of carriage shall be paid by the Customer to the Carrier by wire transfer to the account on the basis of an advance or settlement invoice issued by the Carrier. Unless otherwise agreed by the parties, the due date for carriage is 7 days from the invoice.


Other arrangements

  1. The Customer shall not be entitled to compensation against the Carrier in connection with the carriage,

if it was not transported on time for a reason not attributable to the Driver (e.g. accident, detour, inappropriate direction or route instructions of the Customer, impassable communications, adverse climatic conditions, etc. unforeseen events; or clean-up) or navigation malfunction for reasons not on the side Carrier or Driver (signal failures, etc.).

  1. All legal relationships arising from the carriage between the Customer and the Carrier

shall governed by Czech law.


Final provisions

  1. Legal relationships not regulated by these GTC or the Contract of Carriage are governed by applicable legal

regulations of the Czech Republic.

  1. These GTC are valid and effective from 1.8.2021.

PANDA ride s.r.o.

Ing. Tomas Janout – managing director